Guest House Tonton Nobu
Private vacation home

The traditional Japanese house was built before the Pacific War in 1942 was about to begin.
Nearby are
the Kamo-gawa, which is a popular relaxation spot for Kyotoites, Shimogamo-Jinja, Kyoto Imperial Palace and a few old townscapes that have been rarely seen nowadays.
Enjoy Kyoto only for you at the private vacation home limited to one group per day.

Welcome to Tonton Nobu

Owner: Dr. Nobuyuki Sekino (Kyoto University, area study),
Government Licensed Guide (French)

I have lived in Senegal, Gabon, and Indonesia as a researcher, and chose Demachiyanagi as my final home. I offer free guides around the house, such as Kyoto Imperial Palace where colorful wild birds beautifully chirp, the Kamo-gawa where deer and weasels appear from time to time, and Demachi Masugata shopping street full of fun shops.
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Nearby tourist destinations

Demachiyanagi has excellent access to main tourist destinations in Kyoto and is within walking distance of Kyoto Imperial Palace and Shimogamo-Jinja. It is the starting station to Mt. Kurama area or Fushimi Inari area, so you can surely sit on the train.

Kinkaku-ji 23 minutes by City Bus
Ginkaku-ji 8 minutes by City Bus
Kiyomizu-dera 5 minutes by the Keihan line and 20 minutes on foot
Nijō-jō 16 minutes by the Keihan line / the Tōzai subway line
Arashiyama 40 minutes by the Keihan line / the Hankyu Kyoto line / the Hankyu Arashiyama line
Kurama 30 minutes by the Eizan line
Fushimi Inari 15 minutes by the Keihan line
Kyoto Station 28 minutes by City Bus